Calafell means “small castle” and its history dates back to the Iberian period. So it has a wealth of culture. Situated at the gateway to the Costa Dorada, it belongs to Tarragona province, although it also borders Barcelona province.
In 2006, the Government of Catalonia awarded this town the Certificate of Family Tourism. Its overwhelming charm lies in its broad swathes of beach of fine golden sands, a frontage that is
virtually unique in Catalonia, where you can revel in five continuous, linear kilometres of beach.
For many years, Calafell was known as “feeding bottle beach” because of the quality of its sand, the calmness of its sea and the way it gently slopes when you enter the water.

We can likewise highlight its important fishing and maritime tradition, which is reflected in its cuisine. Neither should one forget that this town forms part of the DO Penedès, so you can savour its complex, full-bodied wines and cavas.
For all these reasons, and also thanks to its exceptional climate, it has become the ideal spot to spend a few days with the family and/or friends at any time of year.


The typical gastronomy of this region is very varied and focuses on seafood Mediterranean products and the Penedès region.
A local food of Calafell is “arrosejat” dish that has been part of the tradition of the fishermen and the culture of their homes. A “flagship dish” that you can taste in many restaurants in the area.

Other dishes include “xató” or monkfish stew with potatoes and it is normally served with a wide variety of meals but always in the company of the white and red DO Penedés wines.
If you want recommendations of the best restaurants in the area just consult our Host and she will be happy to help you.

Open-air activities

Nature and sports are two highlights in Calafell’s tourism offerings.
There are myriads of activities for both adults and kids catering to all tastes.

Nautical activities

If you are an enthusiast of aquatic activities, we recommend visiting the Escuela de Vela de Calafell (Calafell Sailing School). It is located in front of the Cofradía de Pescadores (Fishermen’s
Confraternity), just a few metres from our apartments. They offer numerous things to do in the water such as sailing classes, hiring a jet-ski, going paddle surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and loads more.

MTB and Nordic walking routes

What better way of discovering and appreciating the most beautiful settings around Calafell than jumping on a mountain bike, with a range of routes the whole family can enjoy? Furthermore, the Calafell Tourism Office offers free Nordic walking trips with licensed monitors. There are children’s, night-time and cultural outings.


A stone’s throw from Calafell is La Graiera Golf Course, in a breathtaking setting, where you will enjoy extraordinary views over the green, with the mountains and Mediterranean beyond. Suitable for all levels, it is a par-72, 18-hole course.

El Roc de Sant Gaietà

Just eight kilometres from Calafell, this tiny, picturesque fishing village boasting exotic gardens perches on a cliff. It is a delightful place for a stroll or for taking in a breathtaking sunrise or sunset.


Calafell forms part of Penedés county. This is wine country particularly renowned for its wines and cavas.
Discover its cellars doing the activity you most love, whether mountain biking, hiking or slow biking.
You can explore unknown corners of striking Mediterranean landscapes, with their vineyards, rural villages, woods and all the
cultural and enotourism offerings available in this town. Furthermore, thanks to its moderate, mild climate, you can enjoy this comprehensive activity all year round.

Calafell aventura

A short walk from Calafell Home Apartments is this recently opened theme park, where you can spend a fun day with the whole family.
Both young and old will love this entertainment space, which has been sustainably integrated into a large green belt.
Calafell Aventura has flying foxes on which you can fly across the whole park from tree to tree, a rockodrome, climbing routes and relaxation areas. Furthermore, it has one of the largest minigolf courses in the entire province.


Examples of our rich heritage abound, but we recommend a few unmissable sights here.


This museum is a former fisherman’s shop, located on Calafell’s Paseo Marítimo, where the poet and editor Carlos Barral once lived.
Discover this ancient fishing village’s maritime past along with the poet’s literary oeuvre.

Iberian Citadel

This archaeological site beside the sea is one of our country’s most singular attractions. First excavated in 1980, the reconstruction of this site lets visitors see how the ancient Iberians lived.
Visitors can view and go inside the houses, explore the citadel’s walls and towers, and examine reproductions of artefacts from the Iberians’ material culture.

Castle of the Holly Cross

Calafell’s Castillo de la Santa Creu (Castle of the Holy Cross) is a fortified enclosure dating from the medieval era, first documented in 1037.
Located on a hill amid winding stone streets and squares, the castle enjoys sweeping views.
You can explore the ruins of its medieval necropolis, with tombs carved from the rock. On top of the church is the comunidor (conjuratory), a square building open to the elements whose purpose was to ward off storms and demons, and to bless the town.
The castle walls harbour embrasures built in the late medieval period to protect against bombardments, and also the well and large central cistern.

Fishermen’s Confraternity

In the middle of Calafell’s Paseo Marítimo, a few scarce metres from Calafell Home Apartments, stands an emblematic, historical site, the Confraria de Pescadors (Fishermen’s Confraternity). Here, you can learn about the fishermen’s life on the waves: what tools they used, how they expressed themselves socio-culturally and what the job was like at sea and on land.


Calafell Municipal Market

Close by Calafell Home Apartments we recommend the Municipal Markets.
Here, you will find a wide range of products to enjoy a Mediterranean diet -fish and seafood, meats, wines, cavas and more- as well as a fabulous array of restaurant options.

Open-air market

Tuesday mornings are when Calafell’s open-air market is held, boasting around 100 stalls. Here you can purchase a wide variety of products, whether you are seeking fashion, home goods or gastronomical delights.
On Friday mornings, a second-hand market opens beside the Segur de Calafell train station..













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